Chinese Wolfberry Powder Goji(Wolfberry), is a relatively new name given to Lycium barbarum and L.chinenese, two close species with a long tradition of use as medicinal and food plants in East Asia, particularly in China. GET PRICE INQUIRY Basic Information: Product Name: Goji Berry Powder Synonyms: Wolfberry extract Botanical Name: Lycium Barbarum L Part Used: Fruit Active Ingredient: polysaccharide Test method: TLC Form: Yellow Powder […]

Seabuckthorn Powder Sea buckthorn in the genus hippophae, family Elaeagnaceae, is mainly distributed in the north, northwest, and northeast of China. GET PRICE INQUIRY Sea buckthorn is tested by nutritionists sea buckthorn contains rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, mineral substances, among which, the content of VC, VE, and VA is nearly the most among all fruits […]

Dragon Fruit Powder Dragon fruit powder is made from natural red dragon fruit with vacuum freeze-drying technology. The process includes freezing the fresh fruit under low temperature in a vacuum environment, lowering pressure, removing the ice in frozen fruit by sublimation, crushing the freeze-dried fruit into powder, and sieving the powder through 60 mesh. GET […]

Watermelon Fruit Powder Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus var. lanatus, family Cucurbitaceae) is a vine-like (scrambler and trailer) flowering plant originally from southern Africa. The plant has been cultivated in Egypt since at least the 2nd Millenium BC and by the 10th century AD had reached India and China. It later spread into southern Europe and on […]

Blueberry Fruit Powder Blueberry powder is a natural substance sold in supplement form. Said to offer a range of health benefits, the blueberry powder is often touted as a rich source of antioxidants. These antioxidants include anthocyanins, a class of compounds purported to reduce inflammation and protect against heart disease and cancer. GET PRICE INQUIRY Basic […]

Pineapple Fruit Powder The pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a tropical plant with edible multiple fruits consisting of coalesced berries, and the most economically significant plant in the Bromeliaceae family. Pineapples may be cultivated from a crown cutting of the fruit, possibly flowering in 20–24 months and fruiting in the following six months. Pineapple does not […]

Strawberry Fruit Powder The garden strawberry (or simply strawberry, Fragaria × ananassa) is a widely grown hybrid species of the genus Fragaria (collectively known as the strawberries). It is cultivated worldwide for its fruit. The fruit (which is not a botanical berry, but an aggregate accessory fruit) is widely appreciated for its characteristic aroma, bright […]

Apple Fruit Powder Apple powder looks like off-white powder that is naturally sweet, high in fiber and is a rich source of antioxidant compounds known as polyphenols. apples contain magnesium, potassium, zinc, vitamin c, and their high fiber content is beneficial for optimal digestive health. Apple Powder is low in fat and cholesterol it is […]